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It took u-boat replica watches, with its team of Fabrizio, Babin and Guido Terreni, the then-head of watchmaking, a few more years to fully realize how great Genta's designs could be. To achieve this they had to embark on one of the most innovative and creative projects in the history luxury watchmaking. u-boat replica watches wanted to make the thinnest mechanical timepiece in the world with its new Octo model. Jean-Christophe Babin says, "With regard to my competitors... movement innovation of this kind hasn't been achieved since the last true pioneering era in the late 1960s.

It was never our goal to create the thinnest mechanical timepiece in the world. The goal was to bring the same innovation, finesse, and daring that made us leaders in the jewelry and ladies' watch sectors to the men's watch world. We realized that being Italian was our biggest advantage. Our watches and their parts are all made in Switzerland,Replica Watches but as an Italian-owned company, we have a much more open design than the Swiss. We are inspired by Italian architecture, fashion, cinema, the automotive industry, and the beautiful landscape of Rome, our hometown. "We decided to express two Italian qualities, strength and elegance, in a bold yet innovative way."

Buonamassa explains that the goal of thinness wasn't achieved in isolation. There are many brands associated with ultra-thin watch designs, particularly in the 20th Century. It was important to highlight this dynamic tension and this unique proposition of a watch which, when seen straight on, was very muscular, even aggressive.Replica Rolex Explorer However, when it was turned on its side it was really shocking in how thin it is. "I wanted to, as Jean Christophe said, bring to watches something that the world has never seen before in terms of this proposal."

u-boat replica watches had to push the envelope on every part of the Octo Finissimo in order to achieve this dynamic tension. Babin says, "The Octo finissimo is only possible because u-boat replica watches owns its movement maker, dial manufacturer, casemaker, and bracelet maker. It would have been impossible to convince external suppliers to make the efforts we needed."

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